Herding Dogs: The Top Five To Get You Started

Herding dogs have been of great use to men since time begotten. Ranchers and farmers alike have made great use of them, but the common man have found that these herding dogs breeds also make great house pets. They are highly intelligent dogs and training them, if done properly, would result to well-behaved, obedient dogs. If you are looking for herding dogs to use at your ranch or maybe as house pets, let this list give you an idea of which breeds to look for:

• German Shepherd
This is the top breed to consider when you are looking for an effective herding dog or house pet. They are one of the most intelligent canines out there, and they are very loyal too. This breed has a variety of qualities that make them wonderful, all-around dogs. You could even see them used as guard dogs and police dogs. The reason behind that is they could be trained easily and once they see you as their master, they would be very loyal and obedient partners.

• Shetland Sheepdog
They are also more commonly known as the Sheltie. These dogs are well-known for being wonderful with kids, thus making great house pets. You have to watch them a little more closely when it comes to small children though because they also tend to be nervous and shy. As herding dogs, they are also on top of the line. They have been in herding sheep for ages and it comes naturally to them.

• Pembroke Welsh Corgi
This little dog actually has a lot of “big dog” attitude. They have a lot of energy stored up in that little body and would require a lot of exercise if they are not being used as herding dogs. They make great companions, but they are not very good with little children. If you have a small child in your home, it is best to keep a close watch on them. They are highly intelligent and could respond to commands when trained well.

• Collie
I am sure you have all heard of, and watched, Lassie. The Collie is a wonderful breed to have around, whether for herding use or as a companion. They are “social” dogs and they need a lot of interaction with their species. They also make great watch dogs for they are not too friendly with strangers.
• Old English Sheepdog

Tell me a person who would not want to even pet this adorable dog and I’d tell you that, that person has no heart. The Old English Sheepdog is a breed that is very popular, but sadly not a lot of people own them. The reason behind that may be because this dog is quite large and not suited for apartment living. They are great with children, though, but they don’t make great watchdogs.
Owning a breed from the herding dog category would mean that you should be ready to give them a lot of exercise. These breeds are highly active, and as characteristic among them, they might become destructive and neurotic.